Frank's Craptacular House of Mac Quake Stuffs

Last Updated: July 1st, 2019...

This page contains the remnants of pOx's Playhouse, a once proud and popular Mac Quake site hosted on PlanetQuake for many years, till they decided to hose it. Sorry, no fancy website this time around - just keep scrolling till ya hit the bottom!

The hosted files and links below lead to mostly old, crusty, and unsupported stuff, YMMV!

NOTE #1:  You can use The Unarchiver (free) to open SIT archive files.

NOTE #2:  Only utilities and engines marked as "Universal" or "Intel" will run on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and higher, although some may be 32bit and will not work with macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later. Quake mods should run on any platform with a compatible engine.

Mac Quake Engine Links

NOTE:  You'll need either a the full version of Quake or the shareware data to actually play the game with these engines. Some links below may have shareware data downloads, or you can find it fairly easily with a quick Google search.

SDL port of the popular Windows-only Fitzquake engine, including a Universal build, and SDL2 Intel-only build with improved mouse smoothing. This should be your go-to engine for an authentic Quake experience on a modern Mac. It also contains enhancements for newer mods and maps such as skyboxes, fog, and coloured lighting.

TyrQuake NOTE: Version 0.62 doesn't seem to work, but you can still grab a version 0.61 snapshot.
A port that aims to be as authentic as possible while fixing bugs and adding support for modern modding features. Also includes a QuakeWorld client and server, with GL and software rendered versions of both engines. TyrQuake is a work in progress but makes a good alternative if you run into trouble running Quakespasm, or to get in on some multiplayer QuakeWorld action.

Slip & Frag
New (as of 2019) Intel 64bit software-rendered port promising an authentic experience. This is a vanilla source port with increased entity/memory limits for better compatibility with recent/large maps and mods. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get it working, hopefully the kinks will get ironed out...

Fruitz of Dojo (on GitHub)
Fruitz of Dojo had a surprise resurrection in 2013, offering new Intel builds of Quake & Quake World (including GL & software rendered versions) plus a port of the enhanced Tenebrae engine. More info on Tenebrae can be be found on its official site. This is also the place to get what is likely the only build of Quake 2 that'll run on modern Macs (unfortunately it seems to be 32bit only).

This cross platform enhanced Quake engine includes a Mac Intel port. DarkPlaces combines Quake and QuakeWorld into one app, and offers a ton of visual enhancements plus support for add-ons to further improve lighting and texturing. Many enhancements can also be turned off to provide a more authentic experience. DarkPlaces is perhaps the only modern engine port compatible with the popular Nehahra mod.

Quake for MacOS (plus tvOS & iOS)
This relatively new port appeared in 2016 and is currently only available as source code. Includes targets for tvOS and iOS (with Cardboard VR support).

OK so this isn't technically a "Quake" engine, but Hexen II runs a modified Quake engine under the hood. This is perhaps the only modern Mac port of Hexen II so it's worth including in this list.

Cross-platform "Modern QuakeWorld Client" including a Universal Mac port.

fuhQuake for Mac OS X
Universal Mac port of the popular fuhQuake Quakeworld client.

GLQuake & GLHexen 2
Mac OS 9 & Mac OS X PPC ports of GLQuake, GLQuakeworld, GLHexen II, and the Nehahra Engine. I personally did quite a bit of work on these ports, but they are definitely showing their age - the source targets Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X 10.1, so you do the math ;) Probably only useful for folks with old PPC Macs running Mac OS 9 or early versions of Mac OS X.

Mac Quake Tool Links

Modern cross-platform Quake map editor with Intel Mac support. Features editing based entirely around a single 3D view, and full documentation. BSP/VIS/LIGHT compilers are built in and ready to go.

A slick Quake map editor for Mac OS X (Universal 10.5+). Includes built-in BSP/VIS/LIGHT compilers (multithreaded even) and full featured WAD editing.

Mac port of the FrikQCC QuakeC compiler for Mac OS X 10.7 and up (Intel only).

These command-line BSP compilers and utilities have been long-time favourites for many mappers, and are now available for Mac OS X (Intel).

A fork of the TyrUtils that add advanced lighting features like global illumination (bounced light), ambient occlusion, area & surface lights, and improved sunlight options.

Fruitz of Dojo (on GitHub)
In addition to some great engine ports hosted here, you'll find tools such as vispatch to add transparent water support to GLQuake, and the Cheapo QuakeWorld proxy.

Quake Tools by Joshua Skelton
Modern commandline tools written in Python to manipulate WAD and PAK files.

Giles' Quake Tinkertoys NOTE: Seems most of the download links are dead.
Home to several Mac OS 9 and X (PPC) Quake tools like the meQanno MDL editor and a Java based map editor.

pOx's Goodies

The following mods, tools, and textures were created by your's truly. Feel free to use and abuse'm as you see fit.

Extras QuakeC Mod r4 (Size: 780 KB Type: ZIP)
In mid 2002 nostalgia and boredom drove me to write some interesting QuakeC hacks. The result is this "Extras" mod, which aims to provide extra stuff for Quake mappers. It features honest to goodness func_water, and func_ladder entities, as well as an insanely customizable emitter/effector based particle system, and advanced trains and switches. So if you ever wanted to dynamically flood a level, or attach water volumes and/or switches to trains, this is the mod for you! Example maps and some snazzy new animated sprites and sound effects are also included.

Paroxysm Deathmatch Mod (Size: 5.8 MB Type: ZIP)
Paroxysm is a deathmatch/botmatch partial conversion with new weapons, powerups, and gameplay mutators. The archive contains the last stable release (1.20b) and an unfinished update (1.40) which contains some improved weapon models.

"poxwad" Texture WADs (Size: 979 KB Type: ZIP)
Set of two weathered-tech-concrete-gore themed texture WAD files containing around 100 original textures, plus one mangled Quake sky.

eQuake Utils (Size: 852 KB Type: SIT) Mac OS 9 & Mac OS X (PPC) compatible
My personal batch of commandline compilers and utilities. Includes a Mac port of the FrikQCC QuakeC compiler, eQBSP and eVIS which are extended ports of the Quest Map Editor BSP compilers, a light utility called Tyrlite+ which combines the functionality of Tyrlite with noise extensions from OpenQuartz (plus some other additions) and Mac ports of OpenQuartz's RAW2MAP and TRI2MAP terrain generators. Last but not least is an original Mac-only mapping tool called OBJ2MAP, which takes formatted WaveFront OBJ files and uses various extrusion algorithms to create efficient Quake Map geometry. Phew!

Orphaned Mac Quake Tools

The following apps no longer have homes to call their own, and are hosted here for posterity. I can't vouch for their stability or usefulness.

Mac OS 9/X (PPC)

PakRat 1.0b1 (Size: 784 KB Type: SIT)
A multi-format game model viewer. Includes support for all the Quakes plus formats from various other Quake engine based games. The original website may still be viewable via

Mac OS 9/Classic

Quiver 1.2 (Size: 657 KB Type: SIT)
Great map editor - unfortunately you need a license code to unlock some features, but it's impossible to actually buy a license so yer basically SOL.

Wadtool 1.10 (Size: 657 KB Type: SIT)
An excellent texture WAD editor and viewer.

Mohunt (Size: 477 KB Type: SIT)
A QuickDraw3D based Quake model (.mdl) viewer. Includes full source code.

LMPC & DEMCut (Size: 177 KB Type: SIT)
"Little Movie Processing Center". Utilities that aid in demo (.dem) editing and re-camming.

Qualm 1.4 (Size: 777 KB Type: SIT)
A GUI based demo re-cammer (also includes LMPC)